What’s SpeederXP?

SpeederXP is a powerful PC speed hack tool. You can speed up your computer, your internet access and your games. Make your old slow computer more efficient and run faster in games.

Use SpeederXP

Really speed up computer
Is your old PC so slow? SpeederXP can speed up it. You can’t image that high speed feeling unless you really download a SpeederXP and try it. SpeederXP will make your old slow computer faster and more efficient.

Hack game speed
You can run faster or slower in your PC game. SpeederXP also can be used in some online games. You can run faster than other players.

Speed up internet access
Speed up internet connection and internet access.

SpeederXP Features
  • Full support Microsoft Windows® 98, 98SE, 2000 ,XP ,2003 and Vista
  • Simpler to use, User-friendly interface
  • Game speed hack and game accelerator
  • Track bar control speed freely
  • Hotkey enabled, 6 custom hot keys can change speed at anytime
  • Iklan

    5 Comments Add yours

    1. bulbuldani berkata:

      salam bloger mercusuar…!!!!


    2. daisywee berkata:

      Yeah, though there are many ways to fix a slow computer and maintain PC performance, I believe a simple disk defragmentation can not be missed when trying to get a faster computer for it helps to easily make the computer run faster by rearranging them stay at the same single place and insist on regularly defragmenting my computer. When searching the Internet, I have found an article taking about this in details as you can get more further information here: http://ezinearticles.com/?Disk-Defragmentation—Make-Computers-Run-Faster-Soon&id=3162755. Believe me, it is really worth reading!


      1. tysar berkata:

        thanks for u’re info, I’ll go to web it.


    3. Reiza berkata:

      Cara pemakaian speederxp bagaimana?


      1. tysar berkata:

        caranya hanya di install, kemudian aplikasi akan bekerja< nanti pergerakan kursor dan lain2 akan terlihat lebih cepat


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